Trusted Networks Experiences / Wish List?

Is Trusted Networks working as it should?

My experience:

Always see login page, regardless if logging in from trusted networks
Dropdown to pick trusted network option - why? if I’m on trusted network why the choice?
Dropdown doesn’t work, have to pick the dropdown multiple times (click the choice but it’s unresponsive), after 2-3 times it will work
Choose user - why? I only have one user, me, and I don’t want to choose it every time
Then click Next - shouldn’t completion of the login just log in, why is next necessary?
Dashboard paints and get popup to “save login?” This seems to do nothing but stays until clicked

Why all of the clicking? Lots of stuff seems to not work properly.

I was curious about the front end code, the UX could be much cleaner and more efficient, but on github I couldn’t even find where the front end code lives to see if it would be easy to fix. Not that I’m a great programmer, but some of this could be straightforward

Anyone have similar experiences or wishlist?

Frontend code is in a separate git called home-assistant-polymer. You can write up your issue there or see if someone else has.

I can’t help you with your issue as I don’t use the trusted network. But now you at least know where the code is.

Bump to thank you for the information about polymer and to see if others have similar experiences with Auth. I did see some issues on the Polymer git about how it works but the committers seem to have decided not to make changes without also a transition to the Preact framework. Seems like a somewhat major undertaking.