TRV target temperature jumping randomly

Hi, I use a ME167 Zigbee TRV integrated by Zigbee2MQTT, seen by HA as a climate entity.

Problem: the target temperature sometimes jumps randomly to like 16°C. I have it set to 20, don’t change it at all, it’s not a part of any automation.

Also for some reason I don’t see any logbook entries for this device, even if it’s not excluded by logbook nor history.

Here’s the HA log:
I’m currently gathering the Z2M debug log, will post later.
Any idea? Thanks!

Many TRVs can have an internal program that you need to change.

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Thank you, this was probably it. After I disable the internal schedule by pressing the control knob, device is fully controlled by HA. Thanks, I know nothing about TRVs, I just have the manual ones.

I was having the same issue of the target temps setting themselves on 2 of a bunch of newly installed no-name TRVs. Finding out about the internal programming and shutting that off is hopefully going to solve it. Thanks a lot for the tips.

What payload did I have to send to disable the scheduler?
It seems I can’t disable them in the zigbee2mqtt web-ui. But they are shown the last values

You have to set it to manual control and not automatic.
It might be easier to do it on the device itself.

And to all with this issue. Beware that changing batteries can reset it to automatic again.