TRV Temperature Offset


Just installed some TRVs from Sonoff (Zigbee).

Because these are located on the radiators they show a much higher temperatures then in the actual room itself.

Is there a possibility to set an offset to the temperature and how?



Sure, configure it in settings:

There is an option for Local temperature calibration.

Thanks for your reply,
I added them directly to HA using ZHA.
Is this picture from their App or is there a integration for HA?

From Zigbee2MQTT - until ZHA picks up the full support for TRVZB, you’re probably stuck. Reality is that ZHA gets everything done but takes a bit longer…

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What does your experience say, how long does usually ZHA need to give full support for products?

It’s really hard to say - Zigbee2MQTT is much faster, but you can try and create custom quirk for it. I’ve never done one for ZHA, but is similar to Zigbe2MQTT.

It also depends on how popular the device is - my guess is that this one will be popular and as such get updated quicker.

I use better thermostat integration from hacs. It use temperature sensor in that room or any other room if you prefer to do trv temp calibration.

Tried to add line 18 to my code (from this example), but could not see any difference:

@ddaniel, please advice on this integration. What is it called?

Better thermostat

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Looks very nice,
Try to not add too much addons from HACS (already too many), so lets hope ZHA and HA will get similar support soon!

It works and that is all that matters, at least for me.

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Do you use their UI part as well?

Yeah, I do.

Extra question,
If and when the support for offset comes to ZHA for these TRVs, will this also effect the values shown on the actual thermostats as well or only in HA?