Trying start python program from home assistant Supervised on docker

Hello there. I’m new user of Home assistant (about 2 month).
I set up HA for manage my home, used hass.os first and everything was fine.
Then I found a python program on github that managed the lights on my tv depending on what the tv was playing (harmonize project), and I realized that to use it I had to install Home assistant supervised in a docker.
So I’ve installed debian first and then home assistant on a docker.
Then I restarted my raspberry and installed this python program in the root, and they both work.
Now it occurred to me to integrate this program into home assistant, so to be able to launch it from there.
My question is if it is possible.
A user on discord suggested me to use a shell command, but I don’t know how. (command not found)
Would anyone help me in this project ???

Hi, I am doing the same and wondered if you figured this one out?