Trying to add font

Sorry all, but looked for a long time.
Really new to this.
Roommate wants me to do the graphics and I found kibibits.
Looks great.
Having trouble doing this.


Add the font

Right now, this theme requires you to add the Comfortaa font as a resource to your lovelace configuration:

- url:
type: css

I can goto the the hidden directory of .storage and
nano lovelace

But not a clue where to add it.

here is lovelace
Sorry cannot copy outof nano.
its the default lovelace file.

Where do I put the 3 lines from above.

thanks all

Can be done from front end. Just go to your lovelace dashboard, edit dashboard. Three dots top right > Manage Resources. Click add resource and input the font URL and select stylesheet as the type. Click create and your done.


Please realize I am lost on this.

Went to configurations and Dashboards, there is no lovelace there.

Lovelace is the name of the front end, all dashboards are “lovelace dashboards”. fenty17 is basically saying to go to Home Assistant and click the triple dots in the top right corner of the first screen that appears.

Here’s an easier way, click this button it will take you to the right config screen:
Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Lovelace resources.

Then from there follow these directions:

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Ok thanks I did that, you two were great help. on to the next part

Hello, did you found a solution?

I tried to add a custom css as resource, but nothing…