Trying to automate short versus long button presses with Lutron Keypad


Very new to home assistant, and trying to automate a short versus long button press with a Lutron RadioRa 3 keypad. I’m using the built in Lutron Caseta integration and have everything else set up.

Specifically, I’m trying to have a button for shades that fully opens then when the button is pressed, but when the button is held down will open them until the button is released. I’m able to automate each of these actions individually, but have not figured out a way to differentiate from a short press, where the shades will open with a long press where they will open until the button is released.

The Caseta integration exposes a “botton pressed” event and a “button released” event. I was thinking I could just trigger the blinds to open on “button pressed” and then have a separate automation triggered by “button released” that would check if the “botton pressed” event occurred within 1-2 seconds or not, but cant figure out how to do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I created a blueprint here: Link Lutron Keypad Raise/Lower Buttons to Shades

hey, did you have any luck with this? thanks