Trying to connect via putty please help

hi all,

I’m not sure where to categorise this so I’ve left it categorised so as not to post in the wrong place.

I’m using a Raspi 3b+ running the latest version of HA (recently updated)

i keep getting a login failed message for and posted up here looking for help, i was directed to the following post

I am assuming that is entered into putty as i cant find anywhere in HA to type it into.

so I installed putty and entered my IP for the pi left port as 22 and clicked connect, to which I get a black command window opening up and after a few seconds I get another box opening with the message “Network error- Connection refused”

i’ve had a search to try and find out why, but I cant find anything, probably as I don’t know what I am looking for. there is a lot of info if your using hassbian but not for (which I think is what I am running since I installed it on an sd card to set the whole thing up).

any help is appreciated

thank you

Hassbian and were both options for flashing an SD card. The check is simple though - do you have on the side-bar?

That post you refer to however says the problem was AppDaemon. Did you install that? If not, then it’s not your problem.

Thank you Tinkerer for your fast reply and for categorising this post for me.

Just checked and I have on the side bar.

I also checked to see if I had installed AppDaemon (totally blanked that part of the post :roll_eyes:) and nope, as least not in the store anyway and I wouldn’t know any other way to do it.

guess I’m back to the drawing board :frowning_face:

If you get stuck, pop over to the #hassio channel on the Discord server.