Trying to contribute, not sure where to start

I’ve been playing around with Sony’s remote control APIs and I think I know enough to contribute to teh Bravia TV Component to include the more recent API, expand it to be more generic (to include BluRay Players and the like), and also enable autodiscovery for easier configuration. The problem I’m having is that I’ve looked through the code for the integration and I can’t seem to find the main BraviaRC package.

I’m not well versed in Python but I’ve tracked down the bravia-rc package on GitHub, but it doesn’t look to have been very active in a while. Would it be acceptable to fork/rewrite the package and then use it in any changes I make to the BraviaRC component?

Usually they don’t want to switch libraries unless there’s a good reason. However, a repository being abandoned qualifies as a good reason. It looks like that repo hasn’t had any contributions for 2 years, and has open issues and PRs.
I think In this case, forking it and updating HA to use your fork is acceptable, as long as you now accept the responsibility of maintaining it.

FYI, most of the devs actually hang out in the HA discord, not the forum, so your best bet is to pop in over there and chat if you want a responsive feedback from the devs and not just users.

Thanks, I’ll have a look once I’ve found some free time to do some work on HA.

The original fork is no longer maintained. If you look at the requirements.txt in home assistant you’ll see it’s actually pulling bravia-tv==1.0.8.

We forked the original repo to capture bug fixes that weren’t captured in a release for HA earlier this year.

Totally not against a 2.0 branch with the new api though… I looked at doing that, but it seemed like an entire rewrite, which I didn’t have the time to do.