Trying to create a custom lovelace card

hi all,

i’m trying my hand at a lovelace card to control my RF light. i have a number if buttons and no way to determine the state so its no use having a toggle switch and simple button to push and it send a command would be fine…

my issues are

  1. i have no idea what i’m doing.
  2. all the info i have found relates to templates being used for the button send data and I have my buttons as scripts (does that even matter?)
  3. i dont know what to search for to find more info to try.

ive done a lot of searching for a lovelace remote control but none appear to do wht i’m looking for so I concluded i’d have to make my own… or at least try to .

can anyone point me in the right direction to learning what to do to accomplish my card?


You can make some fancy remote controls with the tiles card:

that’s exactly what i’m looking for… thank you! now to work out how to use them… wish me luck :slight_smile: