Trying to create a pairing system for ESP8266 devices with HA using NFC tags

I make a lot of my own smart devices with NodeMCU boards, and I want to create an easy way to pair them to a hub. I currently use an NFC reader wired into a Raspberry Pi, to read NFC tags with the MAC Addresses of the NodeMCU boards. The MAC addresses are then written into a MAC filter on the Pi allowing the device to connect to the Raspberry Pi’s hotspot. I want to add home assistant to my system, and I want to create a way to pair ESP8266 devices via some sort of NFC Reader Device. I know MAC Address filtering probably won’t work with Home Assistant, but does anyone know of any other ways that I could do this? (I’m brand spanking new to Home Assistant so please forgive my lack of knowledge)

If you use esphome on your esp8266 they will be automatically discovered by ha.