Trying to create a vacation profile for my Ecobee thermostat and fan mode isn't setting

So I’ve been testing the ability to create a vacation schedule for my Ecobee thermostat. Using the official docs for ECOBEE.CREATE_VACATION, it mentions fan_min_on_time. No matter what I set that to, the setting never shows up on the thermostat - but all other settings work perfectly. What could be going on here?

Is it acceptable to bump this I hope?

So maybe I haven’t included enough details? Here’s what I’m trying from Developer Tools.

Service: ecobee.create_vacation


entity_id: climate.thermostat
vacation_name: NotHome
cool_temp: 80
heat_temp: 65
fan_min_on_time: 20

The vacation mode sets everything except fan_min_on_time. No matter what I put, it shows 0 minutes. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

Could it be that your thermostat is not a fan?

I’m not sure I follow. Ecobee has a setting to make sure the HVAC fan runs for XX minutes per hour.

Sorry, I thought with thermostat you meant that thing that you screw on the heater not the thing you set the temperature on.

I don’t know Ecobee, but do you have to start the vacation after you created it? Or do you do that anyway?

May be a bug and you should open a github issue. Just as a question, is your fan set to 0 during normal operation? It would only reflect that there’s a change when the vacation is actually active.

create_vacation immediately activates that mode. And no, the fan is not normally set to 0. I will open a GitHub issue. Thanks!

No it doesn’t, it creates it but it only becomes “active” if it’s during the period you specify (though default iirc is immediately). Since your fan period isn’t defaulting to 0 then I do think there’s a bug/issue.

Correct. The default is immediately, which is reflected in my settings above.