Trying to create an alexa speech script with pauses

Hi all,

I’ve no idea where to begin with this and looking for some help/pointers.

I want to create a script for alexa to read out but to allow pauses for me to apparently answer, giving the effect that I’m having a conversation with Alexa.

This is all part of a hoax I’m planning for a friend who is convinced that there is no such thing as artificial intelligence, its all people in call centres with voice altering software listening in to every word you say…

I can use tts with alexa but adding in a pause is stumping me…

Any help?

Thank you in advance. (I’m on my phone just now, but when I get home tonight I’ll post the attempts I’ve made so far, and failed…)

So…you are going to try to convince your friend that AI is real by tricking them into thinking that you are carrying on a “real” conversation with an AI device by simulating AI by using programmed “canned” responses via TTS?

What could go wrong? Aside from them being totally amazed that “AI is real!” and then asking that they be allowed to use your equipment to do it themselves.

THen you have to tell them that “No, I was just tricking you. But AI is still totally real!”. Uh-huh… I think that all you’re going to manage to do is just cement their beliefs in their mind that they were right all along an that science is just a scam. But, who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong. :roll_eyes:(hint: I don’t think I am wrong)

But to answer the question.

You could create an automation with TTS announcements followed by delays that are long enough for you to say whatever you want in between before the next TTS announcement is made.

Fhank you finity for your response.

So if I understand it correctly.

I create a script for each block of text I want read out, then call them in an automation… I was trying to over complicate it I guess. Thank you.

I’ll give it a try and get back to you.


You create one automation and then contain in that automation’s action section a series of tts actions with delays in between that are timed so as to allow you to say what you want then the next tts will be the response you want it to make.

delay for you to talk
delay for you to talk

You could do it the way you want but it will lose the illusion of natural interaction if you are constantly saying “wait a minute I need to push this button for it to say the next thing”. But that’s just my opinion.

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Thank you Finity, I now have the basics working, just need to fill it out

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good luck with your ruse. I hope it doesn’t backfire. :wink: