Trying to create two tab like buttons for multiple simple thermostat cards


I’m struggling to get two buttons (input boleans) to act like a tab button where the first one is on per default and when u press the second button the first one deactivates and when press the first one again it deactivates the second one.

My goal is to have two buttons that show the simple thermostat card for respective AC unit so i dont fill up the dashboard with both cards.

I’ve got so far as to the two buttons is function and doing what i want but they work with no connection to the other button. I’m trying with a If Then soultion but this is where im getting a little over my skill level.

I’m trying this

type: vertical-stack
  - type: conditional
      - entity: input_boolean.ac_tab1
        {% if is_state('input_boolean.ac_tab2', 'on') %} state: 'off'
        {% else %} state: 'on' {% endif %}

getting the following error

missed comma between flow collection entries (6:10)

3 | - type: conditional
4 | conditions:
5 | - entity: input_boolean.ac_tab1
6 | {% if is_state('input_boolean.ac_ …
7 | {% else %} state: ‘on’ {% endif %}
8 | card:

Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way from the start. if so, happy to get a point in the right direction.

// J

Please have a read of point 11 here

Then have a look at the options for the conditional card,

Nowhere does it say it supports templates. In fact very few core cards do.

Got it with the formating, now edited. Thanks!

I will have a look on Conditional Card, hope it will help

Fixed, found another way