Trying to figure out how to enable smoothh increasing or decreasing brightness on long press with esp8266 pwm dimmer

I have a bunch of Martin Jerry MJ-SD01 dimmers currently with Tasmota PWM module set.
I’m in the middle of converting most of my devices to ESPHome but having a hard time getting a similar configuration with these dimmers.

With the Tasmota PWM module, by default a long press of up or down button smoothly increases or decreases the brightness. With ESPHome I got the dimmers working using the sample configs mentioned here and here, but I still lack the long hold to change the dimming. The long holds just activate the on_click functions to a certain brightness.

I would really like to get get smooth up and down functions as they match the other Lutron dimmers in the house and makes it less confusing for others.
Any idea if this is possible, or some references on how to configure?