Trying to get HASS OS running on my intel nuc 11

so this nuc is quite new as you may already know , i recently installed debian 10 on it and wasnt easy as well,required me to update kernel in order to get the ethernet card to work.
the nuc has a Intel® Ethernet Controller i225-V, and the wifi is AX201 from looking at the actual card in it.
i decided i dont want to stay with debian anymore and id like HA to be my OS.
i just installed HA by flashing it to the SSD directly, booted it up, it wouldnt get an ip with the onboard card, so i hooked up a usb to ethernet dongle, its now having an ip address and working fine.

now i dont have wifi/bluetooth or onboard ethernet working, how can i get them to work ? is there an option to update a kernel here as well or something ?

I noticed that you use a usb to ethernet dongle, are you using the following

If yes then does it need drivers, any info would be of great help to me as I’m using an x86 tablet as a host it doesn’t have an ethernet port and the OS is not WiFi friendly so I had to look for a USB Switching to an Ethernet port to solve the problem
Thanks again