Trying to get MQTT to work on ubuntu "server"

I followed this guide and am successfully about to get mqtt messages accross using two ssh windows, however when i run the monitor ([monitor] Reliable, Multi-User, Distributed Bluetooth Occupancy/Presence Detection bash file) command from my rasberry pi and configure it to point to my mqtt server, i dont seem to be seeing any messages when i am running this, mosquitto_sub -h -t test -u “david” -P “Jade2000” (from the monitor/presence detection app)

is there an easy way to test mqtt using the monitor bash script for presence detection?

I have edited the mqtt_preference file to the ubuntu server with the username david and password, if i run this from a separate terminal window on the same server (, i do indeed get hello world to appear mosquitto_pub -h -t “test” -m “hello world” -u “david” -P “Jade2000”