Trying to get RF receiver working

I have a couple of ESP32s running a Ble_tracker to read BLE sensors and export them to Home Assistant. This has been working fine for a month or so.

Today, I’ve been trying to connect an RF receiver and transmitter to the ESP32s. It’s my first hardware attempt. This doesn’t work. I wanted to check whether I am doing everything right:

  • Transmitter: STX882 connected to 3.3V, GND and pin 12 of ESP32-T
  • Receiver: SRX887 connected to 3.3V, GND, pin 27 of ESP32-R. CS pin connected to GND

If I dump: all in the receiver, then I see more than 10 received raw codes per second, seemingly all random. Is this normal for an apartment block? Or is this noise that’s being caused by something else and which is swamping the reception of any signal? Is there something obvious that could be causing this?

If this is normal , here are my settings:

In the yaml I have for ESP32-R:

    number: GPIO27
    inverted: true
    - rc_switch

  # Settings to optimize recognition of RF devices
  tolerance: 60%
  filter: 4us
  idle: 4ms

and for ESP32-T:

  pin: GPIO12
  # RF uses a 100% carrier signal
  carrier_duty_percent: 100%

  - platform: template
    name: RF Power Button
      - remote_transmitter.transmit_rc_switch_raw:
          code: '100010000000000010111110'
          protocol: 2

The transmit switch gets exported to HA fine. Nothing appears in the logs of the receiver ESP32-R. I am not sure how to debug this more.