Trying to get rpi_gpio to work

Im trying to get rpi_gpio to work. I have a very simple flow that just sends a 0 or 1 to a gpio pin on my raspberry pi 3. The flow says it is working but im not getting anything on the actual GPIO pin.

Ive tried a fresh install of HassOS 1.11 32 bit, does not work.
HassOS 1.11 64 bit, for some reason it says rpi_gpio disabled in the log

I even tried downgrading to ResinOS, I was able to get the gpio pins to work but then the Homeassistant API password didnt fix itself during the boot process

Does anyone know how to get this working?


HassOS 64bit does not support the raspi GPIO. You need the 32bit image.

I have outputs working with HAssOS 32bit. Inputs can be a bit iffy. I don’t use Node-RED though.