Trying to install HA OS on my laptop


When i have finish the installation i cant connect to my wifi.
When i use the command : network info
Interface is empty and host_internet / supervisor_internet are false.
I have follow 2 tutorials but the results are the same someone can help me ? :slight_smile:

What installation type? VM? Bare Metal?

Directy on my SSD i have follow the instruction on the official website Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant

Laptop plugged into Ethernet?

Nope thats my problem i can only use wifi with my laptop when i run the command nmcli radio wifi is enable but when i use nmcli wifi rescan no wifi are show

Oh, yeah that complicates things a great deal from my understanding. I’ve seen people figure it out, but It’s way above my ‘pay grade’.

Good luck.

Do you think if i just buy an usb to ethernet cable that can work ?

Not sure. I would guess for that to work either the motherboard would have to natively recognize the USB adapter OR HAOS would need the drivers for it.

Did you see this thread? Perhaps it will work in your case?

From the link above, looks promising.

I have try but i haven’t the wlan0 interface so ha display an error if i can enable wlan0 i think the issue can be solve