Trying to mitigate the effects of the demise of Custom Header and failing

With the deprecation of CH I figured I’d try to get some of the lost functionality back by trying some of the new(er) user and dashboard setups.

I have to say that the implementation of the combination of those things is kind of poor. But I guess it could be my misunderstanding of the config options so I’d like to make sure I’m giving it the vest opportunity to work.

My goal is to have one view (tab) for each user so they can only see that one view (aside from myself & my wife who can see them all).

I started off by trying to set up different dashboards for each user. I wanted to split the config away from the main configuration.yaml file (I use yaml mode for lovelace) so I tried using !include which at first seemed to work because the system saw the new dashboard but if you navigated to it it was just a blank screen. So I thought that maybe the yaml file had to be in the main config directory along with the ui-lovelace.yaml file (I originally tried to put the files in a subdirectory and added that to the file path) so I tried that but I couldn’t get it to work. I ended up being forced to configure the dashboards in the configuration.yaml and I finally got it to work. Not great but OK.

Why wouldn’t that be able to be split like everything else?. Again it could have been me. If anyone has gotten that to work I’d like to see the format of your config.

But then I realized that there is no way to define a dashboard for a user in the configuration (or couldn’t find it). It had to be selected by the user in their personal control panel. So I logged into their accounts and selected the correct dashboard then realized it was “for this device” not for the user. So I don’t think that me selecting the dashboard on my PC will have anything to do with the user logging in on their phones which means they have to select the correct dashboard themselves and can then decide to go back to the default dashboard at any time without my control. That’s not necessarily great for my use case. Why would I not have that kind of control as the system administrator to block access to certain areas of the frontend on a per user basis?

If there is a way to block that I’d like to see it, please.

After that experiment seemed to fail I thought I’d try to use the “visible:” option for each view and set the option for each tab to be visible to only that user along with my and my wife’s user account. But no matter what I do I can’t seem to make only that users view visible to them. It always shows their view along with the “main” view of the dashboard.

Is there a way to make only one view show up for each user instead of having both views (the main one and the one that is “visble” to only them)? I guess I could have the “main” view be empty but then I’ll always have that empty useless view showing up on my view and every other users view too. And we can’t hide them as far as I have been able to find.

seeing as the Custom Header was REALLY popular I’m not sure why those seemingly basic functionalities aren’t built-in to the user config already.

Hopefully we can continue to at least maintain the minimal functionality of CH for while and that those things can be added to the core fairly soon.

This really is a “WTH?” but since that’s not an option anymore this is the only place to see if I’m just totally not seeing how to do these things or if it really still can’t be done.

I’ll be glad to post what I’ve tried if anybody thinks my failures will be helpful.


I completely agree, all of Custom Header should really already be in the core.

It does, howvever, look like @mayker is working on adding some (all?) of the functionality into the core HASS, as he has already for the compact header (thanks!).

At the bottom of the “farewell thread”, he also gives some suggestions for workarounds for some things (I’m still hoping that show/hide entire dashboards on a per-user basis will come to the core, not just show/hide tabs/views).

Why not make the main dashboard that is only visible to admin users, then another dashboard that is viewable by all users, but each view is visible to only one user (you and wife as well)? That seems to be what you’re going for right?

Edit: I see the issue with default dashboards being device only. Could probably use a feature request if one doesn’t already exist.

That wouldn’t/couldn’t happen. I can only suggest things for core, there is a whole team of folks that need to agree if it belongs there. Many things from CH are too…complicated (or maybe convoluted is the better word there) for core.

While some things could be added to core, others would need some sort of custom project to fill the gaps. I’ve recently jumped onto this project so that a viable kiosk-mode is available. Give it time, if there is demand for an addon to fill a feature, eventually someone will make it.

If you don’t mind, I’ll keep my fingers crossed regardless

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