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Read the very first post in this thread, especially the part marked “Important”. Then visit the docs link in that same post. In the config section of the docs it explains how to use exceptions per device, etc with examples.

Also if you want to skip to the answer for your last question, go to this link.

If you’re still having issues, come back here and post what you have tried and what isn’t working.

Hi Ryan,

creating my own button shortcut menu bar (in addition to the CH menu) we’re ow able to use a tooltip, thanks to Romrider’s latest addition.

I found out that using

      - transition: opacity 0.5s

makes the tooltip appear almost immediate, while a default was set at 1.5 seconds. This feels an eternity when you want to see the tooltip…
As with the tooltip in CH, which is also rather slow. Can we use the above CSS also in CH settings, to override the default settings? Ive checked the advanced styling options, obviously…

If not, would you please allow for this in the options? thanks for considering!

Hey @mayker It looks like transparent background is not working on 0.116 Beta. No errors in the log sorry.

Yeah, I’m going to need to make some changes for 0.116. It’s not that the transparency isn’t working it’s that the view doesn’t fill the space behind the header. I’ll be on it soon.

No rush and thanks heaps for all the effort :slight_smile: :+1:

I have come to the difficult decision to stop work on Custom Header. In the next few days I will be archiving the project. I invite anyone to try and resurrect it or, better yet, take parts of CH and make separate projects to cover small groups of related features. Who knows, maybe I’ll work on some of those as well.

Custom Header has become a beast to try to support and update, it is an absolute mess of code. The next HA update will both break CH and CH will be the cause of major performance issues even if fixed (without a major rewrite). What started out as a simple project to make the header smaller ballooned into this feature bloated monstrosity you see today, mostly for my inability to say no to any feature request.

Since the start of Hacktoberfest I have been working on adding things to HA itself and found myself working on changes that would make things in Custom Header obsolete (some are already) and I’m really enjoying the process.

Thank you all for the support, conversation, and experience this project has given me. I couldn’t code when I started this project and now I’m working on finding jobs in the field. I’m sad to see it go, but trust me it’s for the best. Both for myself and for Home Assistant.

Edit: I’m not going anywhere and most of my other projects will still be around and maintained.


Literally the only thing I’ve used custom header for is to hide the pointless header, notwithstanding the other great features. Thanks for all your hard work, and am excited to hear you’re working on core stuff instead. The more help they have there the better everything will be for everyone. If you could convince the core team to add an option to hide the header that would be just peachy though! :wink:

Good luck with whatever path you choose.


Thank you for all your work on this. The UI was greatly enhanced by the options your work provided. I hope you can bring some of this to the mainstream HA.

As I’ll be removing CH from my installation, what’s the best way to clean up after a HACS install?


Uninstall in HACS
Delete CH reference in your lovelace resouces file.
Delete the CH config from ui-lovelace.yaml (and any other views).
Clear your browser cahce.
Reload lovelace.


Aww, but completely understand!! Question though, can you give any hints as to what features of CH may be coming to HA? Any github issues or PRs we can follow along on yet? Will understand if they’re not yet ready for primetime, or you otherwise don’t want to make public until the code is fully approved for merge into HA! Just want to start getting ready to make any changes to my heavily customized header (and to prepare my significant other for any changes I can’t make due to CH not being available in newer HA versions :slight_smile: )


Bitter sweet, but I look forward to working with you more on the HA frontend repo :tada:


Sorry to hear this, but completely understand. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this and the most recent mods to fix issues I was seeing. I’ll continue to us it until it breaks!

Good luck with future endeavors.

Any chance of a CH that just hides the header?


I’ve been using CH for so long I forgot it was an issue or I would have posted in WTH about it. The header is absolutely pointless on a monitor and bordering a crime against screen real estate on mobile IMO.


Sorry to hear that :frowning:

I love CH and it has made my wall mounted tablet dashboard super clean.

Will there be an alternative to what CH do (most importantly: hide the header and all the other options/buttons for a kiosk mode experience) or will all these feature be embedded in HA?


aww, this is a real letdown! I really really love CH and all features you added :wink:

thanked you before, but will do so once more: Thank you!

Not trying to be ungrateful, but, can we still update to 116 using CH, or is this an already broken combination?

Must confess I don’t know what to do without it, since my interface really depends on it… o dear, now what. It is such an essential part of the HA config, it should really be adopted by the frontend team to incorporate into core…

guess last week must have been a changer for you since only a few days ago I thought to have picked up a completely different dynamic.

Of course appreciate your decision.


You can update and a few things may still work. May be able to get it fully working by tweaking some of the advanced styling features, but there is most likely a bug that causes cards to be rendered multiple times and that will degrade performance.

The decision wasn’t an easy one for sure, but for the amount of work in support, issues, fixes on updates, and the handful of times that CH caused issues for other custom projects or the HA team…it’s the right decision.

I fully encourage others to create projects to fill in the gaps, but don’t make the same mistake I did. Keep them simple, like a single project for a kiosk mode or one project for dynamically hiding tabs based on javascript templates (don’t use jinja in the frontend), etc, etc.


ok thanks Ryan, took the jump, and as far as I can see, everything still works just fine :wink: pfff, gives some slack to make adjustments if and when the need arises.
Wishing you all the best with future projects, and hope to see many of them!

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Thanks for all your ongoing hard work.
As mentioned above it felt such a part of core HA, that I forgot to raise it in WTH.

That said excited what your wizardry will bring to HA core!

Hope you get some well-earned downtime too!

fawwwwwwwk…this thing was very powerful…tis a sad day, but good thing you’re not completely leaving us. Thanks for your work on CH…now the search for replacements begins.