Trying to override specific weather variable

I’m trying to override the temperature of my weather card (currently using yweather) to use my local weather gauge outside so it shows up in the Weather card. I’ve tried customizing the variable and I can get it to save but it wont display the actual value.

I have the netatmo component working properly and can display this temperature without issue by itself, however when I try to override the yweather’s “temperature” variable it shows it as a string

Any help would be great, like is this even possible -THANKS

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Posting the relevant configuration code (properly formatted as per the blue banner above) would help.

This is the relevant section in customize.yaml

  temperature: sensor.netatmo_outside_temperature

and I’m using this for the weather panel & the weather gauge (Netatmo) in my configuration.yaml:

  - platform: yweather 

  api_key: <netatmo_key>                
  secret_key: <netatmo_secret>  

So I’m hoping to simply replace my “weather.yweather.temperature” with my local weather station’s temperature

did you manage to do this replacement?

There’s no way to do what they’re trying to do. The code they shared would simply set the value of the attribute temperature to the literal string sensor.netatmo_outside_temperature instead of having the actual temperature value in it. The state of weather entities is set by the integration that created it, you can’t adjust it (like all entities).

What you can do instead is make a template weather provider which combines data from the states of your other entities into a new weather entity. And then use that one in the card instead.

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there is a video tutorial how to do this: Weather Template Provider for custom weather in Home Assistant - YouTube