Trying to play media on any device not working

When I try to play media via the Media tab, then using the text-to-speach module, I can only get sound when hitting “SAY” when I select “Browser” in the bottom right of the page. If I choose any other device, even the device I’m currently on, nothing happens.
In the Browser Mod tab, showing the device I’m trying to play on it does say “Playing” but is just stuck like that until I hit pause.
It also shows:
but I can never hear anything.

This is the first time I’m trying to get any kind of media to work and thought it should just work out of the box these days… Perhaps I am mistaken.
Also, I can not find anything in the HA Core logs about the media trying to be played.

I’m using the latest version of everything as of writing this.

When I send it to my XBox, the media player app opens, so the trigger is being sent, but the sound does not get played…