Trying to program ESP32 Bluetooth Proxy OTA

I keep getting messages that the YAML is not compiling. How can I debug this?


By looking at the logs :slight_smile:

If you want some help we need your YAML and logs, none of us have working Crystal Balls…

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name: esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210
friendly_name: Bluetooth Proxy Upstairs
esphome.bluetooth-proxy: github://esphome/bluetooth-proxies/esp32-generic.yaml@main
name: ${name}
name_add_mac_suffix: false
friendly_name: ${friendly_name}

board: esp32dev
type: esp-idf
ssid: ‘x’
password: ‘y’

interval: 1100ms
window: 1100ms
active: True

active: True

and log

INFO ESPHome 2023.11.4
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210.yaml…
INFO Starting log output from esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210.local using esphome API
INFO Successfully connected to esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210 in 0.453s
INFO Successful handshake with esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210 in 0.117s
[11:20:58][I][app:102]: ESPHome version 2023.10.6 compiled on Nov 14 2023, 05:22:16
[11:20:58][I][app:104]: Project esphome.bluetooth-proxy version 1.0
[11:20:58][C][wifi:546]: WiFi:
[11:20:58][C][wifi:382]: Local MAC: 30:C6:F7:2A:52:10
[11:20:58][C][wifi:383]: SSID: [redacted]
[11:20:58][C][wifi:384]: IP Address:
[11:20:58][C][wifi:386]: BSSID: [redacted]
[11:20:58][C][wifi:387]: Hostname: ‘esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210’
[11:20:58][C][wifi:389]: Signal strength: -42 dB ▂▄▆█
[11:20:58][C][wifi:393]: Channel: 9
[11:20:58][C][wifi:394]: Subnet:
[11:20:58][C][wifi:395]: Gateway:
[11:20:58][C][wifi:396]: DNS1:
[11:20:58][C][wifi:397]: DNS2:
[11:20:58][C][logger:416]: Logger:
[11:20:58][C][logger:417]: Level: DEBUG
[11:20:58][C][logger:418]: Log Baud Rate: 115200
[11:20:58][C][logger:420]: Hardware UART: UART0
[11:20:58][C][bluetooth_proxy:088]: Bluetooth Proxy:
[11:20:58][C][bluetooth_proxy:089]: Active: YES
[11:20:58][C][safe_mode.button:022]: Safe Mode Button ‘Safe Mode Boot’
[11:20:58][C][safe_mode.button:022]: Icon: ‘mdi:restart-alert’
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble:238]: ESP32 BLE:
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble:240]: MAC address: 30:C6:F7:2A:52:12
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble:241]: IO Capability: none
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble_tracker:617]: BLE Tracker:
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble_tracker:618]: Scan Duration: 300 s
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble_tracker:619]: Scan Interval: 320.0 ms
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble_tracker:620]: Scan Window: 30.0 ms
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble_tracker:621]: Scan Type: ACTIVE
[11:20:58][C][esp32_ble_tracker:622]: Continuous Scanning: True
[11:20:58][C][mdns:115]: mDNS:
[11:20:58][C][mdns:116]: Hostname: esp32-bluetooth-proxy-2a5210
[11:20:58][C][ota:097]: Over-The-Air Updates:
[11:20:58][C][ota:098]: Address: esp32-bluetooth-proxy.local:3232
[11:20:58][C][api:139]: API Server:
[11:20:58][C][api:140]: Address: esp32-bluetooth-proxy.local:6053
[11:20:58][C][api:144]: Using noise encryption: NO
[11:20:58][C][improv_serial:032]: Improv Serial:
[12:09:55][D][esp32_ble_tracker:246]: Starting scan…
[12:14:55][D][esp32_ble_tracker:246]: Starting scan…
[12:19:55][D][esp32_ble_tracker:246]: Starting scan…
[12:24:55][D][esp32_ble_tracker:246]: Starting scan…
[12:29:55][D][esp32_ble_tracker:246]: Starting scan…
[12:34:55][D][esp32_ble_tracker:246]: Starting scan…

Please format both the YAML and the logs correctly so that it’s readable:

That being said, from what I can see it looks like it’s running as it should. What are you expecting it to see via BT? Do the devices actually have a Home Assistant integration?

Where are you seeing this and what are the exact error messages?

Thank you for your time.

I copy/pasted from: homeasstant: settings → Devices & Services → ESPHome → Bluetooth Proxy Device → Visit → Logs → Wirelessly. The issue I have is that I can not update the firmware OTA, I have to plug in.

I will format both the YAML and the logs later and reply with that.

My apologies! I am pretty new to this.

Also; what log file can I open to see what the error is?

Post that message