Trying to run HA behind Nginx Proxy Mgr


I’m running HA behind Nginx Proxy Mgr, but the only way I can connect to HA is via a url like

I would like to be able to access it as:

Not the lack of a port, and the addition of https instead of http.

But when I point my browser at that url, I get

400: Bad Request

And an entry like this in the log:

A request from a reverse proxy was received from, but your HTTP integration is not set-up for reverse proxies

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,




These must be setup but I not familiar with your install method so you need to look up that info. More info at link

There are a few things to consider.
First of all you have to have a domain or use some free domain like duckdns.
If you have dynamic ip than you have to update your ip address to that domain with some daemon running in background.
Than there is a possibility that your isp provider is using some kind of nat and you are sharing dynamic ip with a lot of people.
Easy way around this is using cloudflare addon or container for remote access.
Or you can just use adguard to rewrite you ha ip to your domain name and use ssl just for local access.
And probably you will need a reverse proxy for that, at least I’m using it. its a bit overkill but I like it.

After a bit of tweaking, I was able to get it working based on that documentation.

I can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier.

Thanks again.