Trying to track fish

Not sure where to put this, but i would love to be able to find a solution in homeassistant and/or in combination with frigate to detect… fish. Seems it’s not a standard object to track in Frigate , so that kind’s of a bummer, especially since it would seem to be such an easy object to track.

Anyone has any thoughts on achieving this? I could mess around with opencv/tensorflow but i’d rather have a solution that integrates with HA already.

Fish watch
Obviously the bluetooth watch is out but this sounds a very interesting problem.
Perhaps if give an idea of what sort of container e.g. Pond or tank or perhaps off a boat, is it individual fish or just numbers somebody might be able to suggest something. Ultrasound sounds ideal.


Hahaha very funny :slight_smile: you made me laugh.

I was thinking more along the lines of video recognition, but i appreciate all input :slight_smile:

It’s a pond with a underwater camera, although i might do the same on a aquarium. Although what one would actually do with it is another, it will be hard to detect different fish, but it still would be nice to get sensors on the object (as one would with say Frigate).

Please , if you can put up a still image of what the camera sees. An image might attract more attention.

@atv did you ever get Frigate to detect fish? I have a similar need as you.

I have just set the object recognition super low so it always detect my fish. I suppose after that you could run some other custom model recognition on it if you would want to.

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