Trying to unsuccessfully register on the Home Assistant Cloud Site

I tried to enter my payment details on the Nabu Casa website and after I put everything in and click “authorize” I get “your postal code is incomplete”.

I’ve looked all over that page and I can’t see anywhere to put in my postal code.

Does anyone have any hints where I can find the elusive “postal code” entry field?

I’m seeing the same …

I figured it out

The web form isn’t very informative but there is an extra field for “Zip” - I filled it in and all was well.

where is it? At least what area is it in? i’m still not seeing it.

For me it was at the end after the date.

Thanks but I finally figured out where it was.

I had to go to the Nabu Casa website on my phone and then it was there.

It never showed up on my Chrome browser on my PC and still hasn’t even now.

I tried to submit a support ticket but when I clicked on the ‘submit’ button, nothing happened.

Hopefully the payment portion will be managed better than the website. :wink:

Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

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