Trying to use device id from Voice Assistant

In the release notes for 2024.4 it said:
“If you use a sentence trigger in your automation to trigger it using Assist. The trigger will now include the device_id in its trigger data you can automate with. Thanks, @synesthesiam!”

I’m not sure how I go about doing this. Does anyone have any examples or can you point me in the correct direction? Thanks in advance for the help.


{{ trigger.device_id }}

This only works for satellites, not when used on a phone (probably computer too).

You could get the area the sentence was triggered like this:

{{ area_name(trigger.device_id) }}

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How to send a response (TTS or a .wav file?) to the device_id ?

I see various entities for Piper and my Wyoming Voice satellite - but no services.
It is not a media player, as required by the TTS services.

I don’t think you are able to do that unfortunately.

Thanks for the info. Is there a way to see what the device id is under developer tools or somewhere else when it is triggered? That I would be able to see exactly what is being passed. I know just enough to be dangerous and don’t know exactly where to go poking around. Thanks for the help.

Not that Im aware of… If the device triggers an automation (or create a blank automation with that device), you can see the id in the Automation trace, in the trigger details