Trying to use motion sensor with bulb

Bit of history just in case anyone is thinking im a seaons scripty codey person out of the box - im not!. Ive built a proxmox based vm of HA. Im using the deConz usb dongle with the zigbee software in HA to get everything connected…up to this point its all been a breeze. Im struggling but getting used to the interface but after this its an uphill battle…the only automation ive managed to get working is a schedule (thanks to one of the users on here) - beyond this…nothing is working for me…ive got another thread open about getting a remote button (or scene controller i think theyre classed as) connected to a bulb…(no luck on that so far)

So ive opened this one up as well…ive got a motion sensor which is paired in along with a couple of bulbs which id like to assign to (ive got a button but ive got no chance at the moment on getting that connected!) so i thought id try a motion sensor…

Ive used the blank template in the automation for a sensor to switch a light on and…nothing - if i try either device or entity neither works…

All the equipment im using is made by Aurora…everything has paired up fine so at the point its operator stupidity/lack of knowledge/being completely out of my depth!

Post your automation, easier to help then. As long as all devices are paired correctly the automation is simple to set up. from the GUI. New automation →
Trigger = motion sensor
action = call service light turn on and select the bulbs.

Thanks…how to i post the automation…? sorry as in where do i get that information from within HA?

Select the automation, click the three dots top right corner. Select “edit in YAML”, then click “copy clipboard” on the bottom. Paste the code in a new post here, then select all the code and click the button “preformatted text” before you send the post.

Thats what ive got set using the template…as i say either picking device or entity doesnt make any difference…

That’s the template, have you saved it as an automation? And you can check in the developer tools if the motion sensor reports detecting motion.

Yes thats from the automation menu…developer tools? where are they/ill go and see if i can find them…

Just out of curiosity do i have to restart the system or reload anything to make the changes effective…(im just reaching a little as nothing has worked so far…)

Developer tools you can find in the side menu. Not sure if you need to enable advanced settings to be able to see it. Should not be mandatory to restart to get automations running (earlier you had to), but from the developer tools you can call a reload of all automations.

Sorry - yes - its there…(couldnt see it for looking as the phrase goes…!)

Ok so im in there and anything i click on gives me a green tick…beyond that i cant see anything…

Success!!..found out why (but thats another story!!!)

I remembered yesterday the 2 bulbs in question - theres another 2 in that room as well…went offline…i had to unscrew the bulbs and reconnect to reboot them…

So, ive got a motion sensor working in there as i cant get the buttons working at the moment but thats another thing working! many thanks for putting up with my more than stupid questions!

Now have to find out why the bulbs are going offline??

I say that as ive just switched the bulbs off but now the motion sensor wont switch them back on again…it really is an uphill battle!

you need to post your automation code. (YAML, I wrote how to do it further up).

My apologies…got lost in posting…!

alias: Cinema Auto
description: “”
path: homeassistant/motion_light.yaml
motion_entity: binary_sensor.motion_sensor_iaszone
- e7f149894460dd2d147dea729b658407
- 4310e24ea83cb82830992cca7858fecd
no_motion_wait: 32

Looks ok, are you sure the motion sensor is working? Should log when it senses motion, you can see the log if you search for it under devices.

Yep - its working ok…i think it could be the bulbs its connecting to…but what i dont know…as i said they went offline in the middle of the night…

Right now the bulbs work if i toggle them on my phone or the laptop but the motion sensor isnt doing anything…in that if i walk in there i see a green flash from the motion sensor (i guess regsitering the movement as you can see in the above pic)

Well, through just leaving it alone (had a couple of things to do) - went back down into the basement and low an behold it works…i have no idea why…didnt change anything. That being said im assuming the bulbs will go offline again at some point!

Whether it works or not going forward many thanks for your help.

Dunno if its my setup but it feels very hit or miss!