Trying to use Tasmota but getting stuck on the White Only when a RGB+W light

I’m trying to move off Tuya and use Tasmota, I’ve been able to work out my GPIO pins and also the correct PWM for them so in Home Assistant it is almost working fine. The last thing I’m trying to complete is replicating the function of the Tuya software and when the bulb is changed to White.

In the original software there was no “White Value” slider bar.

In the original software I would just click in the center of the colour wheel and the separate white LEDs would turn on and the bulb would be bright white. I’m unsure if it turned off the RGB leds as it is very bright and could just be hiding them.

In the new Tasmota setup when I want to select white I need to click in the middle then slide the White value all the way up, it then replicates a bulb running the normal software e.g. use the normal Brightness slider for brightness. I do know it is still using the RGB leds even when White is selected.

So what I’m trying to achieve is
Hide the White slider bar
When middle of the colour wheel selected
Set White value to max
Set all RGB values to 0

I suspect this will be in Tasmota rules for the second part but even if I get the rules right how to I hide the White Value slider bar?

Adding a bit more, in the States I can see this when both are set to white

friendly_name: Tuya Example
brightness: 255
hs_color: 0,0
rgb_color: 255,255,255
xy_color: 0.323,0.329
supported_features: 17

friendly_name: Tasmota example
effect_list: 0,1,2,3,4
brightness: 255
hs_color: 0,0
rgb_color: 255,255,255
xy_color: 0.323,0.329
white_value: 255
effect: 0
supported_features: 149


I think we need more info about your light.
Does it have warm white?
Does it have separate white LEDs at all or does it just consider RGB all on is white?
I’m only a little bit ahead of you in Tasmota land so I’m glad to help where I can.

A template might be your answer, take a look:

Separate white leds, no warm leds

Is is a gerneric brand so not much good there

Templates wont help me here but I sure now it is a rule I need to create and on to this.

Still interest in how to remove the white slider.

Maybe remove:


I recomended change tasmota to esphome. Very fast work. I can try help with config to you.

As it is a separate white led it also have a value for this

I mostly have them up and running now (5 of them) but always keen to learn new things, I’ll start reading on esphone (no nothing about it) and look at replacing a light with this firmware.