Ts0042 switch not working in automation

First experience with zigbee coordinator + switches

So I got some Philips hue bulbs which are connected to a sonoff USB dongle V2 (the newest one)

Ha, z2m and mqtt all running on the same hardware in their own VMs

My main issue was that if you use the hue app or turn the lights on/off from the power etc. The state in HA does not get updated. (which might be a limitation of the bulbs or zigbee itself perhaps). It is annoying but I can live with it.

So today I bought a ts0042 tuya 2 button wireless zigbee switch.

Paired it with z2m and used the following blueprint.

(removed the line that was mentioned as it didn’t work originally without it)

But then with it I still can’t get it to properly work.

Like in the logs I can see that everytime I press the action changes. To the correct state but instantly goes back to normal state as can be seen from the screenshot.

However the actions don’t happen (maybe once, twice or 3 times if I’m lucky I can turn on off the lights)

I’m using the service light toggle to change the light status.

I even used a external converter for the ts0044 model and with changing the required fields.

But I still can’t seem to figure out why it is not working.

So I did try something, that was removing the blueprint and just adding automation from the device screen.

Now the buttons work magically without issues however now this brings me to a new question.

Blueprints = templates that you can use multiple times (all actions such as in this case 6 actions) 2x single press, 2x double press, 2x long press. Are all in 1 automation.

But if I wanted to not use a blueprint then I must create 6x automations. Isn’t that a bit counterintuitive?