TS0044 - Conbee 2

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Hello everyone,

I have an issue on the switch TS004F
I am using a conbee 2 and Home Assistance.
I hhave connected the switch TS0044 to the conbee2 via zigbee but the switch is recognize as a Dimmer switch and it is not possible to user each button ( 4 buttons) of the switch.
Only one button is working.
How can i used each button please ?

Did you ever solve this? I just see the battery level in Home Asssitant. In Deconz I can prohgranm the buttons. But no entity is in Home assistant for the buttons

You habe to use event codes. Go to Developer Tools —> Events —> in the „Listen“ section type deconz_event and press the button. Then press a button on your device.