TS130F curtain module firmware upgrade?


Is it possible to do firmware upgrade of TS130F curtain module through home assistant?
Firmware upgrade solves bug, where curtain position is lost, when there si electricity outage.
Connecting all modules to tuya hub and then back to home assistant zigbee coordinator is very unconvinient.

At the end I just connected all curtain modules to Tuya hub. Made firmware update and connected them back to home assistant through zigbee coordinator.

Can you tell me more how to do this? Do I need a tuya hub device or can I just emulate it? I have strange behavior on my ts130f I’d like to try a firmware update.
Thanks in advance

I also did connect to Tuya Hub, but there is no updates available. It says it is version 1.0.2. Which firmware do you have ? Did you solve it? I have same problem and also after a while module stops responding to command in ZHA. Manual on wall button it works and i also see in ZHA blinds moving (percentage).
Anyway while using module Tuya Hub and Tuya Smart app, module seems doesnt have problems…

Has anyone found a solution? Also have the problem that the blinds lose the position and the 2nd time control just go all the way up

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Hi, I wanted to join in. I’m having the same problem. Blinds loose position. Very annoying. Just purchased a whole bunch of them. Looks like an expensive lesson learned for me right now.

I don’t want to purchase a hub. Without knowing if there’s a fix per sw update for this even less.

I did some further investigations. If I move the shutter with the local switches, the position is always reported back correctly, even if the position in HA was at 100% before. If I manually read the “TuyaCoveringCluster” Attribute “current_position_lift_percentage”, it always gives back “100”. Immidiatly the cover status in HA jumps to 100% also.
When moving by the local switches, the position is given instantly correct again. I assume there is something wrong with the “current_position_lift_percentage” attribute in the zhaquirks maybe?

My Device is a

Same happens to me. I have installed five cover modules (all are reported as _TZ3210_ol1uhvza using zhaquirks.tuya.ts130f.TuyaTS130FTOGP).

HA always reports as opened. When you close them from HA, the cover is closed (phisically and virtually) and, suddenly, it returns to open in HA, but the cover is phisically closed.

I have tried to write the current_position_lift_percentage mannually, and then, the behaivour is the same. I mean, having phisically closed cover, I wrote a 0 into current_position_lift_percentage. Then HA reports as closed correctly, without suddenly change it. But then, if you open the cover from HA, it will opens, but suddenly shown as closed in HA while phisically opened.

Same behaviour to me, with same modules. But only in two of the five modules installed. Two working bad are the two modules for the bigger windows, which take longer to open (longer calibration time).

Any solution?

Seems like if home assistant could not writte on current_position_lift_percentage attribute and couldnt store the position. So, it always came back to the last “manually setted”.

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I really don’t understand how Aliexpress sellers have been selling thousands and those for several years and that this function is not written and or corrected in ZHA.

Is there a war between ZHA and zigbeetomqtt?

Why? curtain module firmware upgrade?

Why is it so hard to make zigbeetomqtt work in HA?

I bought 8pcs TS130f and I can only open a few centimeters!! We are really in a weird economic world!