TS130F shutter roller odd behaviour with ZHA

Hi team,
I am using ZHA to control a TS130F by _TZ3210_dwytrmda shutter roller. The shutter roller works partially. I however have the following behaviour and wanted to know if this is a known issue and if there is a fix:

  1. The controller stops responding to open and close orders, but it is still connected to Zigbee as it is reporting the correct opening percentage to Home Assistant when I open or close the blind manually from the wall switch

  2. A light press on the wall switch acts as momentary, where the blinds open/close only while the switch is action-ed. A stronger push will block the button and the blind will open/close fully. This is mostly working as expected, until sometimes the momentary push open/close fully the blinds, even without pressing the wall button.

If I fully open or close the blind using the wall switch, then it zigbee commands from HAOS are working back. After a while, playing with the commands, it stops working again

Are those ZHA issues or is my zigbee switch faulty ? Any way to troubleshoot on ZHA what is happening ? Any advice/suggestions on alternatives ?

1.) I have same problem. Did you found solution /fix it already ?
Testing device with zigbee Tuya hub at the moment. Seems this way device works normally.
Problem is with ZHA.

Working with Tuya Hub, issues with Z2M. I ordered a SONOFF Zigbee USB Dongle PLUS-P to see if this solve the issue. Using currently a SONOFF Bridge which is experimental on Z2M.

I have to dissapoint you. I am currently using sonoff zbdongle-e v2 usb 3.0 and have this issue. Using Tuya Hub connected to ZHA. This way it works.

I manage to have a satisfying experience by using the sonoff dongle-P, Z2M and Girier modules. After few days no issue everything is working as expected.

Be sure to follow this and take recommended actions before troubleshooting any further → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization