TS130F Zigbee window cover module: unresponsive because of green power proxy?

Dear all,

I have a set of TS130F curtain modules.

They seem technically identical, but internally consist of different series:
Lonsonho Curtain/Blind Motor Controller Module (QS-Zigbee-C01) Zigbee compatibility (blakadder.com)

No 1: _TZ3000_vd43bbfq uses this quirk: zhaquirks.tuya.ts130f.TuyaTS130FTO
No 2: _TZ3000_fccpjz5z uses this quirk: zhaquirks.tuya.ts130f.TuyaTS130GP

No 1: works great.
No 2: After pairing, the device works perfectly. You can set calibration times too.

However, the device becomes non controllable via HA input after couple of minutes.
Also the settings can not be changed anymore and the last seen time seems to update less regularly.
Connection seems fine, though: LQI 255 / RSSI -84.

When the device is controlled manually via hardwired window control buttons, the device works well and shows it’s activity and position in realtime in HA.

The no 1 device does not support Green Power Proxy, the no 2 does.
GreenPowerProxy (Endpoint id: 242, Id: 0x0021, Type: out)

Can it be that the GPP shuts down the device and only sends out data? If so, can I force the no 2 device to use the quirk of no 1? Or disable the GPP entirely?

I’ve seen the Zigpy device handler topic on Github, but I’m not quite sure how to post there, in that thread/subject.

zha-device-handlers/ts130f.py at dev · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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This is a mains powered device - the GPP allows Green Power devices to use this as a “router”/“parent”, it should be always on.

I removed them and exchanged them with WIFI versions…