TTS automation as a reminder

so i had this idea for an automation, but not sure what would be the best way to implement it.

i keep forgetting things, witch is super annoying, especially when i need to leave the house, and has this feeling that i forgot something, but not sure what… just to recall what it was when im already to far to return.
so i figured - write myself a reminder when i know what i need, to be sent to myself as a TTS message when im actually about to leave (triggered by opening the front door).

that is all fine and easy, however, i dont want to edit an automation for it every time.
what i do want is to easily write a short, “on the fly” text, from somewhere approachable like a card on the dashboard (or worst case scenario - a drop down text with some pre-written options: “check shopping list”, “don’t forget the package”, “take your pills”, “call to say you are on your way”, etc).

i know how to do most things, just not sure how to “make” the automation read a text from a “template”, or from anywhere that is not the automation\script settings.

any thoughts on how to improve this idea, and how to make it happen?


Create a new input_text helper and use it in your automation action:

  - service: notify.your_notify_service
      message: "{{ states('input_text.reminder') }}"

thanks man!

so elegant and simple, yet works like a charm