TTS call service service only when not home

I have created a text to speech automation that is connected to my gate. It’s an aquaria door sensor connected with sky connect. I’m using Alexa media player and have a simple automation with an Alexa hooked up to a receiver and receiver with speakers in the outside. When my gate is opened it sends a warning message out. How do I get this to play only when I and wife are not home? When I add condition it asks me for a zone. I just want it for when I’m not home

Use a State condition instead of a Zone condition…

- condition: state
  state: not_home
    - person.burnout
    - person.burnouts_wife

If you and your wife are the only tracked people in your HA instance that need to be accounted for, you could use a Numeric state condition based off the zone…

- condition: numeric_state
  below: 1
  entity_id: zone.home