TTS Down Since 0.98

Ever since version 0.98 my Google Home’s have lost their voice.
They control volume, make the startup tone but never say anything.
Most of my automations are in Node-Red but I can’t trigger voice manually from the device cards either.
I’ve removed the Cast integration and re-added it.
I’ve removed the TTS from my configuration, restarted it, re-added it, restarted it with no luck.

I don’t see any useful log entries coming up when attempting TTS, so I’m kind of at a loss…

Any ideas? Thanks.

What did you update from?

Running on Ubuntu VM.

Sorry I meant what version did you update from.

Oh np, I think I’ve been on every Major and Minor release.
Whatever the last 0.97 version was.

The reason I asked, I saw some change in TTS in a recent version, but I don’t think it was 0.98. So it is probably not relevant if it was working for you in 0.97.

I wish I had better documentation to prove it was working in 0.97.
I’m never home to hear them go off.
It could have happened on the tail end of 0.97, I hate that I don’t have a good track on this.

Apart from checking the release notes for the last few releases, I can’t offer any more sorry.

Can’t you simply downgrade and try if that resolved the issue? Google TTS is still running smoothly here on 98.4

I think the change that Nick is thinking of was when service: tts.google_say became service: tts.google_translate_say but that was a few major versions ago, not between 0.97.x and 0.98.x

Again a few versions ago, I changed from using an open router port to HA cloud and in doing so it broke Google TTS until I added a base_url to the Google TTS config.


tts: # Text to speech
  - platform: google_translate

Since doing that it fixed my TTS, but like I say, this wasn’t a result of 0.98.x, it was a while ago now. It could be worth a try adding a base_url to the IP address of your HA machine.

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Thanks! I’ll try this.