TTS - I need a common folder for my audio files including tts mp3's

I have gotten amazon polly and google translate tts working, but can’t resolve the problem of directing those files to go into my media browser and also be accessible as a call service file location. I can only call mp3 files from the www directory and can’t seem to change the tts file save location away from config/tts in either polly or google translate tts services.

also, how can I change voices on polly?

thanks for any assistance!

I’m not aware of an option to change the destination of the TTS files.
So a workaround could be a script (python or bash) to copy or move the files.
I’ve probably use an automation that triggers when the TTS is executed (you probably have an automation to run the TTS?) and wait for the media_player to not be playing then run the script.

thanks for your response and input. I believe if there’s no other way, maybe I can at least create a sybolic link or alias of the directory I want to use. updates may break this though.