TTS not working on Fully Kiosk after 2022.5

Text To Speech has stopped working since 2022.5 update.

I’ve made the below suggested changes in various blog posts.

  1. Moved away from base_url to internal/external_url. Shown below
  internal_url: "https://homeassistant.local:8123"
  external_url: "https://***" 
  1. Added media_source to config.yaml

The TTS seems to work when i select one of my Google Home devices as the media player. However, it doesn’t work when i select Fully Kiosk installed in Fire Tablet as the target media player. There are no errors in the logs.

Is there a bug with Fully Kiosk integration? Can someone help me with this please?

Do you use the fully Kiosk custom component to send tts to fully Kiosk? There was a breaking change a few weeks ago but the component has been updated and fixed

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Thanks a lot for pointing it out! You’re a Star!!!

Edit: @jdbrookes - Not sure how to mark your answer as solution.

Hi, I resolved this issue by changing internal_url with the value of external_url.

I don’t like it much but I haven’t found any other solution since base_url is deprecated.