TTS notification if sensor in group changed

I have all my door sensors in a group. I was looking to see if I could put a template together or something that would trigger the tts.cloud_say service to announce that which ever door in that group opened. Not sure if a template would be a shout cut or have to add each into different automations

I have an automation that notifies me whenever a door/window has been open for more than x minutes:

You should be able to adapt this to your situation, otherwise let me know if you need help.

Thanks I’ll see what I can do. What I was looking was to have my tablet perform TTS function that would announce which door is open. I already have this feature but only says door open. I wanted to see if I could have it say which door is open based on the status of which door is open in my door group

Take a look at my other automatiom in the same file, which notifies about windows open on rain. It uses a group as well and lists all doors that are open.