Tts sonos no voice


Hi… I have setup hassio and sonos, i am able to control the sonos. I want now to use tts.

the tts is enabled


  • platform: google

When script tts.google_say is run i see that a new file is created under tts/xxxxxxbff_en_-_google.mp3.
on the dashboard i see that this file is sent to the sonos but there is no voice coming.

When i play this file on my PC i get the voice… Any idea what is missing ?


Are you using NGINX as a reverse proxy? If yes, check this out: [SOLUTION] Sonos TTS with NGINX SSL Reverse Proxy

If not, make sure you set base_url in configuration.yaml to be the URL you are using to access Home Assistant, then restart it.


Thanks for your reply


I had a similar problem, I needed to make sure it was encrypted, the SSL cert was from trusted Authority (no self signers) , the base_url was on the public internet.


I, also, needed to make sure the intermediary certs were in the chain.