TTS Speaker Requirements


Couldn’t found it; but what are the speaker requirements to work with TTS from HA? I have tested my Denon but does not work (already another topic).

Can every Wifi speaker be used whenever it is added as media_player? What does the speaker itself do need to support for working with TTS audio? And witch speakers do support Dutch language?

Some people experienced with cheap wifi speakers?


Anything that is a media_player will work, since the TTS is “just” an audio stream.

As a result, all speakers will support Dutch, if your chosen TTS platform supports Dutch.

Thanks. My Denon does not accept an audio stream, so thats a requirement for sure. I now test with integrated 3.5mm speakers and Google TTS. Only i doesn’t like the Google voice at all. Would like to change to a nice male buttler voice :stuck_out_tongue: