TTS (Text to speech) Alexa Working

Just to highlight

how has TTS working see

I have created a very simple example of passing parameters to Lötzimmer script to enable TTS in Home assistant.

Create a shell command in configuration.yaml

  alexa_speak: "/config/ -d 'name of echo device' -e speak:{{text}}"

This will allow you to pass a text parameter from HA to script

you can test from the developer’s tools services with this JSON

{“text”:“This-is-a-simple-message”} HA doesn’t seem to allow spaces ?

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This is great - I can’t quite get it to work from the developer tools (works from the command line).
I an using the json:
but the log file reports:

> [homeassistant.components.notify.command_line] Command failed: /home/HA/config/ -d 'Kevs echo'

I’ve added debug to the log for notify, but this is all I’m seeing.

Check out Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed

Thanks @jruben4 I’ve installed your custom component successfully.