Tts with variable . confused!(

hello. am new bee in HA and english not my native lang. very interesting product! Awesome!
help me pls with speak TTS ?
my conf: Windows 7.

  • platform: vlc
  • platform: yandextts
    name: yandextts
    api_key: ‘###############’
    language: ‘ru-RU’
    codec: mp3
    voice: jane
    emotion: good
    speed: 1

if i check in devtools/services :
domain: tts
service: yandextts_say
json : {“entity_id”:“media_player.vlc”,“message”:"hello hello "}

all ok. i hear voice “hello hello”, but
if json {“entity_id”:“media_player.vlc”,“message”:"{{sensor.dark_sky_hourly_summary.state}} “}
or {“entity_id”:“media_player.vlc”,“message”:”{{states.sensor.dark_sky_hourly_summary.state}} “}
or {“entity_id”:“media_player.vlc”,“message”:”{{states(sensor.dark_sky_hourly_summary.state)}} “}
or {“entity_id”:“media_player.vlc”,“message”:”{{‘states.sensor.dark_sky_hourly_summary.state’}} "}
not successfully.
pronounces the variable name : “states sensor etc”
pls help me/ thx

anyone help me? (

You’ll want to indent your code properly. Highlight your text and click the button in the editor box that look like this: </> Just for the future!

I don’t believe JSON supports templating. So that is probably why it’s simply pronouncing the entire thing. If you want to use templating you should try it in your actual YAML code. Though maybe JSON does support templates? Someone else may be able to correct me.

Make sure your using the correct quotes, the up and down ones.

Correct "

Incorrect “