Tube's ZB Coordinators and Routers (was Zigbee router on steroids?)

Do you ever use clusters or binding?

yes, I use binding for buttons/remotes to lights or a zigbee group.

the clusters are more there for debug and and deep level access to the devices. you can go into the basic cluster for example, and go to the different attributes and trigger the get attribute, for mains powered devices it should respond instantly with the result. for battery powered devices you need to wake them.

Is it better to use zigbee groups in ZHA or in a light group in in the configuration.yaml file?

zigbee groups generally. as the coordinator will just send one command addressed to the group vs sending one command to each device.


Are there any good tutorials on how to use bellows? Going to terminal and running that after disabling zha didn’t seem to work. I’m having ongoing issues with devices falling off the network with pretty good frequency and wonder if it’s due to the channel I’m using/interference.

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I just updated the zigpy wiki.mainly incorporating what was in a paste link which is now behind a login at paste.ubuntu.


Thanks so much for reposting. I’ve disabled ZHA, restarted host. Following instructions I’m still running into issues. Following the instructions I run into this (bellows already being used by a container?) and then :

Thank you so much for the support tube, it is much appreciated!

Try just

docker run bellows
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docker start bellows
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Thank you nickrout, really appreciate it. This is what I’m getting now

If it helps, I’m running hassio in proxmox on a nuc

It might be easier to just try and run bellows on another host.

If you have a working python 3.9 install you can just pip3 install bellows, it will pull in the dependencies and then you can just run from the other host.

Or even just run the docker container from another host

Just got my POE coordinator! Plugged into my switch and it showed right up in ESPHome as a new device. Let the fun begin! I think I will go the Zigbee2MQTT using docker-compose route but don’t really know what I’m doing yet other than have new device on the network.

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This was super helpful. I just migrated my light groups from the configuration.yaml file to ZHA. The lights tend to all activate at the same time more consistently. Thank you!

This is awesome. I was able to do a network energy scan and determine that channel 25 is the best for my home. Thank you

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It appears that my ZHA is loading with no errors, but my entities started taking a long time to come online and available after a reboot, then now they are all unavailable. Even the groups are unavailable. Any ideas on where I can begin to troubleshoot? I would hate to have to re-pair all of these devices again. Thanks guys.

Edit: My Tubes ZB Coordinator does ping, no problem.

See attached images, greyed out items.

You can try power cycling the coordinator. I know my network take a minute or 2 to show up after most of HA is up. If you power cycle the coordinator with HA up, leave it off about 30 seconds. ZHA will restart it once it’s back online. You can enable debug logging too as described in the zha integration docs.

How many Devices and Entities can ZHA handle? I have a Tubes Coordinator, and 3 Tubes Routers… But I have 176 Devices and 208 Entities.

My problem is that even though everything works, it doesn’t work all the time, and when it does, I am having latency issues. Maybe I am trying to control too many things? I can’t figure it out. Thoughts? Thanks

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How long is a piece of string?

The co-ordinator and routers have a limit on the number of devices that can connect. That has nothing to do with ZHA or Z2M or any other software on your computer.

But if you are looking for the maximum capabilities of ZHA, I come back to my original question, How long is a piece of string?