TubesZB - alternative for EU fellas


I have no doubt about TubesZB devices and personally would love to have one. But always when decided to buy one… I always dont because when calculating the overall price to EU shipping + TAX + other post fees here in CZ → the PoE version is like 130USD which is a bit over my set limit.

Does anyone knows about the alternative of the similar ZHA compatible Zigbee coordinator (with similar qualities as TubesZB) but with EU availability?

Please don’t get me wrong the TubesZB prices itself is perfectly fine, but calculating the costs of getting it to my hands is not :frowning:

Thanks for suggestion - any personal experience?

  1. ZigStar - ZigBee Coordinators and Routers - #202 by mercenaruss

Not with the UZG-01. I bought a Zigstar stick a few years back, never had problems with it.

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Thanks both for info…

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