Tunable Smart bulbs

I was looking for a smart bulb that has the ability to change the color temp and dim. I have one sign me bulb eco smart brand that I found at Home Depot. It’s zigbee changes color temp and dims. So far this has been the best bulb I have. I use it and the adaptive lighting. I’m able to smoothly fade the light on and off. The other bulb is a singled bulb that only dims but the fading is a bit jerky. I have not been able to find any of the ecosmart zigbee bulbs. Can anyone recommend ones that would be similar to what I have explained with the ecosmart brand?

Not sure if this will fit your smoothness requirements, however the developer is very responsive :wink: and you may have more ability to configure in comparison to zigbee interfaced devices. Good hunting!

I’ll have to look into this. I tend to stay away from WiFi since for some reason my 2.4G signal is being interfered I think since anything on that band is extremely slow. I have a mesh WiFi setup and mainly use 5G band when ever possible with no issues. Maybe it’s all my zigbee devices causing this issue?

What I find interesting about these Kauf bulbs is that they are relative low cost and hackable around ideas in RGBCW lighting. I have been told I am way overthinking it, but the ideas of color temperature and circadian rhythms are interesting. Yes the 2.4 GHz band can be a challenge, and tough to peer into without expensive tools. Unfortunately due to the reality of the ‘transport choice’ the vendor of a home assistant device makes, I find that having a mix of devices communicating using zigbee, bluetooth and wifi is what it is if you want useful automated home. Frustrating and expensive. Having a home wide adaptive lighting system is a good example of what makes home automation interesting. Good hunting!