TuneIn Radio support

I would like to have support for TuneIn Radio to start playing a music station on a media player.
I know you can get the stream url and use media_player.play_media with media_content_id but when I cast this to my google home hub it:

  • Start very slow compared with starting it via google assistant
  • I have no album art / information on the screen. Just black screen…

It would be nice if there is some way to implement this.

Did you make it somehow?

I’m also very interested to get this running.
Specifically, the buffering speed is annoying me the most.

I have Volumio running on a RP3. It’s audio output is connected to my Monoprice amp on one of the inputs. I select and switch everything through the Home Assistant interface and set up automations to automatically switch inputs on the Amp. It works well and fully supports Tune-in.

I am also looking for this functionality and guessed it should already be available. It seems it is not.
However, I recently came across a ‘Google Relay’ project which basically allows you to pass your voice commands through code directly to the cast device. I will look into it

Check this lovelace card. Easiest to implement radio stations. I have around 7 Google devices that I can cast to them and around 15 different radio stations setup for them. I show logo of station and its title on the Google device with screen. Showing currently playing song is a no go. But I modified the code and implement my own song artist/title display inside the card:


Look at the original card here:

And my changes under issues.