Turn a switch on random days

How would I go about setting a switch to turn on but on random days that are picked for me.

I would like the switch to come on at 17:00 but not every day and not a pattern. I would like the system to decide which days it is going to turn it on and which days it is not.

If you are looking for something that will simulate presence than there is such a thing.
It called presence simulation and it’s available thought hacs.

I want to turn a lava lamp on in the evenings but I don’t want it to come on everyday so thought if it is on random days it will be a nice surprise.

For a 50/50 chance:

condition: "{{ [True, False] | random }}"
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How would I use this in my automation for a 50/50 chance of the switch being turned on at 19:00?

Use it in a Template Condition in the automation’s condition section.

The automation’s trigger is a Time Trigger set to 17:00.